Monday, 21 May 2012

"what you give, you get back"

today as always, the plain life. i'm blessed. Allah has given me another chance to feel those feeling, as my friends might felt before. a feeling when one of your friend not in the good mood and ignores others, even he or she is just in front of you. not a pleasure feeling. they used to get 1.5 L of my 5 L acid proportion. my friends. and now i get that 1.5 L back. what you give, you get back. uh, the power of acidic saturation of the evil stress  =l

another day to spent. the final exam is just around the corner. i get the feeling, it is going to be a very long story sheets before the appointed date. just to share my secret, every 10 minutes i turn to my best buddy, Miss Lappy. although she can't talk or respond, just bluntly follow my orders, but i enjoy most of the time being with her. she is the only laptop i own.

arhhh, i can't concentrate studies that long, but i can stay focused and motivated with those unrelated studies matters. i don't know why i can't stay put like my friends did. uh, complicated *_@

ah, again, i don't feel good  T________T

my crying soul.

at this very moment she just walked out without words, told me nothing. left me alone with thousands of question marks.

she did it again, that friend.

i end up, telling stories as my heart caught up into a tornado, people translated it as "stress". now, my heart aches. the phrase crawling slowly, "what you give, you get back"
it's raining inside my chest cage, a load just stumped up that pumping heart =(

i try to bake some bread, but as time passes, those bread turn out to be so-called not a bread anymore, a crafted stone disguises as a bread in person.
a total failure. my first failure as a baker, there's always another chance.

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