Tuesday, 7 June 2011

main2 tulis abc

 ni gambar snap dr tingkap bilik cik braces. 
view of sunset.

alhamdulillah tamat sudah xm budak tu utk hari ni. lusa ada lagi. hooo. budak tu ada tulis cerita sket. dulu bercita2 nak jadi penulis novel, tp entah macam mana cita2 tinggal nama sje. luput dibawa waktu. 
ni la karangan budak tu. kalau x silap last skali karang2 cerita ni masa spm dlu utk paper bi yg tripple apa tah..hihi

okeh, sila tinggalkan komen anda yg berharga, utk si penulis "yg bercita2 utk jadi penulis novel" ni perbaiki penulisan beliau. kalau cerita ni mengarut, tak best, agak berat etc laser terus je ya =P
insya Allah penulis akan terima dgn hati terbuka ^_^

Part 1

The air was stiff. The smell of unease atmosphere caught her nose. She opened her eyes. She begun to stand up, that feet, that gigantic feet pushed her back. She looked to surrounding. Something caught her eyes.
Flies were everywhere. The foul odor. The dim light scattered everywhere. The surrounding itself scared her. Without a single piece of wool on her corpse, she was left like a dead animal. Her body were touched by those filthy hands. They touched her. 

Her tears were still there. Wet, untouched. Slowly dropping from her eyes. But those eyes were already closed, and will never be open again.


She struggled to stand up again, but was pushed hard by those cruel masked demons. The hatred were already all over her. She tried to gather all the energy that was left. But then, came a huge well-dressed man, seemed like a high-class officer, grinning. Those two eyes were staring at the corpses and then, his eyes changed direction towards her. She begun to feel the water running down from her forehead. It’s coming.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Help me! Please let me go! Please! I beg u!”

The shouting coming out of sudden from the outside, followed by crawling silent. That man, started to walk towards her. Step by step. She could not forget the eyes. It's burning.



Those voices repeatedly coming to her ears, slowly dispersed to the air along with the breezing night melody.

“Is there any hope in this land?”

"Will miracle ever come...?" 


kalau rasa cerita ni ok utk diteruskan, budak tu akan tulis lagi. kalau tak, budak tu akan stop tulis cerita ni. dan usahakan cara pengceritaan yg lain pulak ^.^
komen ye

terima kasih sudi baca.


  1. Salam..Mabruk..saya tertanya2 nie!!!harap dapat menyambung cerita nie ya!!~..nak tanya something...Man anta/anti??

  2. wslm...nego g...voip ja...hahah..nie sape eh....soli akai....xleh detect...